Digital Media and Online Journalism

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Digital Media and Online Journalism


dvances in media technology and organisation of public life have demanded changes in the practice of journalism. It has become imperative for media persons to become equipped with relevant knowledge and skills in the field of digital media and online journalism as content is now being consumed on the go. The module, therefore, examines the use of multimedia tools such as computers, internet, digital audio and video recorders, cameras, and phones to tell stories, which impact society.

Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding and articulation of the field of online journalism and digital media
  • Create blogs and upload stories to them
  • Appreciate the professional use of digital tools like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Create Facebook and Twitter accounts and post tweets
  • Demonstrate familiarity with Podcasting
Module Contents
  • Understanding digital media and online journalism
  • Why newspapers and broadcast outlets are on the web
  • Multimedia, interactive chats and blogs
  • Elements of online journalism
  • New trends in digital media applicable to the media
  • General tools in digital Media
  • Choosing the right media format to tell stories
  • Editorial tools for real-time audience building
  • Setting up Podcast
  • Citizen and participatory journalism
  • Social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • Online storytelling
  • Mobile journalism
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