Ethics and Journalism Mission

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Ethics and Journalism Mission

Ethics and the Journalism Mission

thics in the sense of independence from undue influence is arguably one of the fundamental principles of journalism, and for development, it is vital for credibility. The ethical responsibilities of journalists/media persons can be seen in at least two ways: as confronting to a set of external rules or codes, imposed by the news outlet, the industry or by legislation or more accurately acting in accordance with moral principles informed by conscience. These will inform the discussions of ethics and the journalism mission.

Learning Outcomes
  • Debate the issue of ethics
  • Argue for or against the need for ethical practice of journalism
  • Acknowledge an appreciate the difficulties and pitfalls in ethical journalistic practice
  • Discuss the difficulties in upholding GJA’s code of ethics in the practice of journalism
Module Contents
  • Understanding the concept of ethics
  • Introduction to deontology and journalism
  • Introduction to consequentialism and journalism
  • Introduction to virtue ethics and journalism
  • Broad types of Journalism ethics questions
  • Ethical challenges in journalistic practice
  • Moral ecology (category of factors influencing production of news)
  • Online journalism and ethics
  • Case Studies
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