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Impact Journalism

Impact Journalism

his module explores how to make stories interesting, compelling, and easy-to-read, listen or watch. It also examines what journalists are supposed to do to get stories into the minds of audiences to generate their interests and involvement. It further explores how to push human interest stories that are thought-provoking, compelling, and impact or change lives.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss what journalism is, its role and contribution to growing society
  • Demonstrate deep understanding of the elements of good storytelling
  • Demonstrate critical analysis skills to understand how media law and legal issues impact journalism practice
  • Demonstrate skills of analytical storytelling
  • Demonstrate to deploy relevant tools to bring traction to your story
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the human-interest story as a means of making impact in journalistic story telling
Module Contents
  • Rethinking what journalism is
  • Journalism as a committed observer
  • Journalism as a discipline of verification
  • Balancing facts, opinion, and analysis
  • Being robust without being derogatory to the national development agenda
  • What makes a good story?
  • Four questions to find a focus for your story
  • Three story structures
  • Privacy law and copyright laws
  • What are human interest stories
  • How to create compelling human-interest stories
  • How to deploy relevant tools to bring traction to your story
  • Eight paths to defining a storytelling approach
  • Content Distribution and achieving impact
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